Open House Thief Caught

In Columbus, Ohio, police caught one of two suspects believed to be responsible for a number of area robberies that took place during Open Houses.  When local Realtors first became aware of the problem they started photographing vehicle license plates of people entering their clients’ houses.  These photos eventually helped to track down the suspects and catch one of them. Continue reading

Thieves Target Open Houses & Other Real Estate Robberies

It’s open season on open houses. Home buyers aren’t the only people touring your home. Thieves are too. The Aldergrove Star reports “These crimes are committed by thieves posing as potential homebuyers attending open houses or walking through homes for sale with a Realtor. The thieves will distract the Realtor, perhaps asking for a tape measure, and while the Realtor facilitates the request, property is pocketed. Property targeted during these thefts includes laptops, jewelry, designer purses, small electronics, and other miscellaneous items.” Continue reading