Did SunToWater Solve California’s Water Crisis?

Cities around the country are running out of water and facing a water shortage crisis. According to a report by 24/7 Wall St, nine US cities are on the verge of seeing their water sources go dry. The nine cities are in California, and include include Bakersfield, Fresno, and California’s capital Sacramento.

While the water doesn’t seem to be coming out of the sky, that doesn’t mean it can’t come out of the air. Literally, a new company is producing water out of thin air.

Company SunToWater has produced a unit that looks similar to an air conditioner on the side of your home, but instead of making your home cool, it draws moisture from the air, filters it through a unique system, and turns it into 40-100 gallons per day of pure, clean water.

The water is fit to drink, water a garden, of fill a swimming pool. It is completely clean, and can run off of either solar power or the electricity already flowing through your home.

Water Shortage Threatens Real Estate

The nine cities include some historically popular areas, but with a water shortage and severe drought in progress, home prices are at risk of falling as fast as the water table.

Last summer, a 15,000 home community was just days from losing all water thanks to a government mandated shut-down, and it is far from alone in the risk of running out of water.

Would you buy a home where turning on the tap just spits out dust? How about flushing the toilet to find your tank doesn’t refill? No one else wants that either, which is pressing down on real estate prices in threatened markets.

Pull Water from the Air

Pull drinking water from the air

Thanks to new technology developed in Silicon Valley, SunToWater has an answer… water generators. A single water generator can give you up to 60 gallons per day. Look at your water bill to see how many of the $8,999 units you might need to meet your family’s needs. With three units, most families can produce enough water to get completely off the water grid.

If you want to make your home a better draw in a drought stricken area, SunToWater may be exactly what you need to give your home an edge over the competition.  Think of the resale value of having a full swimming pool and the only green lawn on the block.

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