Sexy Real Estate Advertising

There is a reason people say “sex sells.” In many cases, turning something boring into something sexy gets people excited, but is that an ethical sales tactic in real estate?

One Australian agent thought so. He hired a sexy harem of beautiful, scantly clad women to pose in an advertisement for a home listing. The women wear bikinis and other revealing attire while taking a bubble bath, eating whipped cream covered strawberries, and hanging out around the property.

I have to be honest, the ad makes me want to visit the property, but probably not for the right reasons.

When you hire an agent, make sure you are on the same page in terms of advertising and home sales tactics. You don’t want your home to end up on the news, like this one did, and turn off buyers with a bigger sense of family values. It is much better to have a bidding war than scaring people away.

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