Realtor Caught on Tape in New Jersey Sex Scandal

Leaving your home in the care of a real estate agent puts a lot of trust that they will care for your property and belongings. Most of the time your agent will only do the right thing, but on occasion that trust will backfire. Even more rare is catching your agent misbehaving on tape. Or, in this case, naked on camera.

One North New Jersey home seller hired to sell a home in Wayne, New Jersey, located about 20 miles from New York City, began on the right path to selling the home. However, he was later caught by the owner on home security camera footage having sex with a female colleague. The homeowner blackmailed the agent, Robert Lindsay formerly of Re/Max. He wanted $990,000 to keep the tapes a secret. The Weiner’s claim to have caught the transgressions on tape on 13 occasions. This sex scandal cost both Lindsay and his partner their jobs at their real estate agency.

The homeowner later sued Lindsay for allegedly overpricing the home so it would not sell while the agent used the property as a secret love nest. Lindsay is now counter-suing homeowners Richard and Sandra Weiner for extortion, which could bring criminal charges and possible jail time.

While the counter-suit partially shifts the blame for wrongdoing back to the blackmailing homeowners, it may be too little too late for Lindsay and sex partner Jeannemarie Phelan, both of whom may lost their real estate license or face fines. Both lost their jobs due to their on-duty sexual behavior and have had their careers severely damaged by the public allegations.

As a Realtor, you are trusted to do the right thing. Having sex in a client’s home is certainly a breach of trust and your duties as an agent.

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