Some Crooked Agents Aren’t Agents At All

Just because they look like a real estate agent and act like a real estate agent does not make them an agent. In fact, they may be one of America’s crooked agents, or just someone posing as one. Some fraud victims learned the hard way that John Patrick Ingar was not a landlord, but a man posing as a Realtor to make a quick buck. Continue reading

Criminal Gangs Make Good Landlords

Dealing with a bad tenant is one of the worst parts of real estate investing. Bad attitudes, late rent, and damages can cause plenty of stress to give even the most level headed landlords a string of bad headaches.

One thoughtful writer had a clever idea on how to transfer skills used for illegal activities into something a bit more productive. It made me wonder, would gang members make good real estate investors? Continue reading

The New Crop Of Landlords – Unsuspecting Victims

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A large number of homeowners, paying two mortgages because they can’t sell their previous home, are finding out that being a landlord isn’t as easy as it sounds.  With housing prices in decline, many homeowners are deciding to rent out their old house rather than take a loss discounting their house to a price low enough to sell it.  According to RISMedia, “People don’t want to be landlords, but they really have no choice, said Dennis Dickstein, a Realtor at Real Estate One in Farmington Hills, Mich., who estimates that 20% of his deals are leases.”  Continue reading

Top 10 Signs You Have A Bad Tenant

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Being a landlord or property manager isn’t as easy as it sounds.  It’s very important to thoroughly screen prospective tenants.  Here are a few tips to help you find that perfect tenant.  Lots of landlords, especially accidental landlords (home sellers forced to rent when the house doesn’t sell) fail to do adequate background checks when screening new tenants.  In the rush to get the rental filled, some landlords have discovered that they preferred the vacancy over the troubles their current tenants are dishing out.  While you’re looking over your crop of prospective tenants, keep these ideas in mind. Continue reading

Dog Held For Ransom For Unpaid Rent

Talk about harsh.  The real estate agent acting as property manager for this New York apartment complex not only got this tenant fired from her job, but held her dog for ransom to attempt to collect back due rent.  Her inability to pay her rent stemmed from being a victim of identify theft.  Apparently this property manager wasn’t too sympathetic.   While there is no doubt that she owed rent and they had a right to collect, the means in which they pursued the matter were a bit harsh.  Creative, but harsh. Continue reading