Foreclosed Owners Trash Homes

Most home owners pack up and clean when moving out of a house, but foreclosed home owners forced out of their property for not making their payments are not most homeowners.

Disgruntled former homeowners have made a new habit of seriously vandalizing their old home on the way out, and it is leaving the new buyers with more than a lighter bank account. When owners trash homes, nobody wins.

In a new trend across the country, and featured here in Minnesota, foreclosure victims are leaving their old homes with spray painted graffiti and threats, running faucets over plugged drains, and hammer holes in walls and doors. This damage can cost tens of thousands of dollars to repair for the new owner.

Due to the circumstances, law enforcement is rarely brought in to help with the matter, as it is not always clear who owned the property at the time the damage occurred. Instead, banks and new owners are stuck with the cleanup bill.

The wave of foreclosures from the Great Recession brought many unexpected consequences, and this type of vandalism became very prevalent as disgruntled owners left their old homes.

For now, banks and new owners just have to pick up the mess and invest in the property to bring it back up to livable condition.

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