Home Sweet Meth House

Walter White may have made drug dealing look cool on TV, but as we all learned from Breaking Bad, making meth can be very dangerous and is far from glamorous. One Pennsylvania couple had a rude awakening when they purchased a home only to later discover that it was, in fact, previously used to manufacture meth.

The 108 year old house was reasonably priced at $190,000, and it had both charm and fit the budget of couple Jenn Frigby and her boyfriend Rob Quigly. Like any astute buyer, they had their home inspected and the local borough inspector said that the home had no imminent hazards and was in compliance with local ordinances. So the couple was shocked to find out only a few days after making their big purchase that the home was nearly worthless without paying for an expensive cleanup because it was a meth house.

Five days after moving in, a neighbor dropped the news on the couple, sharing that the home had previously been a drug lab. This explained the couple’s headaches, sore throats, and difficulty breathing since moving in. A doctor confirmed the couple was suffering from inflamed lungs and nostrils. These symptoms are typical for living around methamphetamine or in a polluted industrial area.

The cleanup cost for the house: $61,000!

The couple couldn’t afford the cleanup cost or a lawyer, so they were stuck moving into a parent’s house while they figured out what to do next.

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