Real Estate Agent Turns Yard into Animal Graveyard

Realtor Andrea Straub, an agent in the Philadelphia area, was selling her home and competing with a neighbor for eyes and potential buyers. Rather than take the high road and try to be the best house on the block, this agent was caught on video vandalizing her neighbor’s property in an attempt to sabotage any potential sale.

In this neighborhood full of $1 million homes, the Straubs spat with their neighbor led them to go so far as to throw dead snakes and mice on the neighbor’s driveway, cut trees on the property, and kick over a for sale sign.

While Straub’s husband admitted to the vandalism and apologized, the negative publicity in the news led Andrea’s agency to fire her from her job as an agent. Through a statement released by her lawyer, she didn’t quite apologize for her actions. In the statement, Straub claimed that the accusations against her were “horrible falsities.”

If you are an agent, it is important to always take the high road, particularly when it comes to real estate related disagreements. Mr. & Mrs. Straub were each fined $300 and issued a violation for disorderly conduct by local police.

In this case, her behavior may have impacted her sale as both a seller and an agent. Not a good position to be in.

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