What A Roller Coaster Of An Open House

Dutch real estate promotion company, Huizen Promoter, is putting an innovative spin, or shall we say thrill in real estate marketing. After a listing in Ermelo, Netherlands sat stale for several months, the company came up with a creative approach to promote the home to prospective buyers. A wooden roller coaster was constructed inside the home as a way take potential buyers on a home tour of a lifetime.

The roller coaster carries one prospective buyer at a time through the house and around the property. The ride starts outside, travels in through the garage and up stairs to the first floor. After winding through the kitchen and living room, the ride travels through the patio before ascending to the top floor of the home. The tour wraps up with a sweep of the home’s bedrooms and descent back outside to the back yard. The viewing is quick, but exciting none the less.

The out of the box approach by Huizen Promoter certainly garnered attention. In just a few days their rollercoaster open house video had over 265,000 views on YouTube. However, whether it will draw in an offer remains to be seen. In any case this is one house tour you wouldn’t forget!

Watch the video here on IJReview