Practice Real Estate While In Jail – Only In California

Did you commit a real estate fraud related crime and are afraid you’ll lose your real estate license when you go to jail?  If it’s a California real estate license, then don’t worry.  Apparently lots of agents convicted of crimes still have their license and are legally permitted to still practice real estate.  That’s right, the California agent you hire may be convicted of stealing from his previous client.  Furthermore, he may currently be on probation.  Technically, he could also be in jail and legally practice real estate in California.  So, what does the State of California say?  Basically they say “Who cares?”  When you hear the Real Estate Department spokesman, Tom Pool, say things like, “If the person is headed to jail, it doesn’t necessarily make sense to use the department’s limited resources to revoke a license,” and refer to the problem as “a resource issue.”  He added, “We’re very busy and very involved.”

That’s right, the State of California is too busy to protect us from fraudulent practices.  If they don’t do that, what good is the licensing board in the first place other than a source of revenue to California?  If CA is still looking to cut their budgets, I may have a suggestion.

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