Sexual Predator Targets Real Estate Agents’ Feet

Of all industry professionals, real estate agents are some of the easiest to connect with and meet in person. After all, being open and reachable is one of the best ways for real estate agents to build their networks. But on occasion that openness can backfire, as it did for one agent in Gilbert, Arizona.

Realtor Hope Salas got on the phone with a prospective customer and began by asking standard questions to help the buyer find the right home. But the client’s answers were not so standard for most people looking to buy a home.

This buyer was not interested in finding out more about the backyard. He didn’t want to know the size of the kitchen. Instead, this man’s questions were all about Salas’ feet. The Arizona real estate foot fetish predator was at it again.

According to local agents, this man has creepily approached at least a dozen women in the real estate industry through Facebook phone calls, and text messages. In Salas’ case, his questions were about the type of shoes she generally wore. He wanted to know if she wore high heels most of the time on the job.

In all reported cases, this man kept redirecting the conversation towards women’s feet rather than real estate, and the women quickly realized that there was something not quite right about the caller, who goes by the name Anthony. None of the women reporting being contacted by the Arizona real estate foot fetish caller have met him in person.

Because he is not known to have broken any laws, there is little the police can do other than warn agents to be on alert.

As with nearly all situations reported at Really Rotten Realty, alert, prepared agents are in the best position to spot fraud or criminal activity before it becomes a serious problem. Always be thoughtful when choosing an agent as a seller, and always keep your guard up if you are an agent in the field meeting strangers in houses or in your office.

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