Four Texas Cities Rank In The Top 10 For “Most Sex-Happy” Cities

Attention Relocation Specialists:

Looking for ways to convince people to relocate to Texas? Looking for an upbeat, non-apocalyptic real estate ranking where we rank among the highest? Look no further. Now we have a ranking we can be proud of. According to Men’s Health Magazine, Texas dominates the top 10 with four cities ranking as the most “sex-happy” cities. I can hear relocation specialists now, “Want sex? Come to Texas!” Living in Dallas, Texas, I’d like to think I did my part to help with this ranking but I see I have some work ahead of me if we’re ever going to be number one. Time to take one for the team! Continue reading

City of Dallas Screws Investor Out of $100,000

Think government is there for the people?  Think again.  In Oak Cliff, a suburb of Dallas, Texas, a real estate investor named Josh Terry decided to fix-up an existing multifamily property in the Oak Cliff area.  He got a ruling on zoning, obtained permits, and did everything legal.  The city gave him their blessings, permits and permission to perform the renovation.  The remodeling started.  New paint, new tiles, new carpet and after $100,000 invested in the project the building was starting to show improvements then the unthinkable happened.  Continue reading

The Homeless Are Coming To YOUR Neighborhood

Homelessness is a horrible issue that I don’t wish on anyone. But there are two types of homeless people. The first type are the good people, down on their luck who need temporary assistance until they can get back on their feet, and they faithfully follows the housing authority’s rules, meeting all requirements. The other type is the drug-addicted or mentally unstable homeless who spend most of their days “defecating and masturbating” in the front yard of the housing project they’re assigned to. Both types are put into homeless shelters and those shelters are being disbursed into neighborhoods such as yours whether you like it or not. The big question is what type of homeless will become your neighbors? Continue reading